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I don't even know where to begin, I have found several amazing, intelligent, highly educated, kind,hot, well-mannered, sweet, sweet, married men who treat me like a queen. I am at this time dating three different unique and special men who like me, love their spouses but are looking for some extra spice in their lives. I love the idea of knowing that we are all aware and know exactly what we want from these relationships. These encounters are far off from being just physical, to me the brain is the biggest sexual organ, and these men bring so much more than just their physical desires to bed. I feel so lucky to have found this site, it has enriched my life and therefore is making the rest of my life so much more interesting. Find out for yourself, you won't be sorry.

Folks at Ashley Madison,

Thank you!!! A few weeks ago, after much research and consideration, I decided to try your service. I hadn't even completed my profile when I started getting chat requests. One very friendly and appropriate man initiated conversation with me, and once I finished my profile, we checked each other out, and decided to talk some more. A few days later, we met in person. Since then, we've enjoyed several brief meetings, and one incredibly passionate night away from our families. After our first meeting, we both disabled our profiles, and are pursuing a long-term affair.

I still can't believe how lucky I feel to have met such a great match on AshleyMadison.
I really didn't expect to find someone that I clicked with so quickly, and was actually very nervous about using the site. Three weeks later, I am living proof that even in a rural state, normal women (at least I think I'm normal!) can meet kind, accomplished, caring men on AM; it literally took me 5 minutes - still can't believe it! He is such a good person, and we're compatible in so many ways.

I hope this relationship lasts, but if it doesn't, I won't hesitate to reactivate my Ashley Madison profile, if my family situation hasn't changed. Thank you!

I was married for 19 years and had an affair with a married man over most of that time. My marriage ended (not because of the affair) and I found myself Single and 46. I'm a fit young energetic 46 year old but the thought of dating single men worried me. I don't want a 'relationship' as I have a full and busy life and already have a relationship with my children, my friends and my ex husband so am sure that I dont want to involve someone in my life.
Discovering AM means that I can date men without getting involved. All the men I have dated (about 10) are extremely pleasant men. AM has given me exactly what I've needed.
I can embellish on this - have some funny stories and have ended up seeing a guy 8 years younger - he's handsome, charming and happily married. I call him my Sugar Puppy!

You folks are the best.... this is the most fun I have ever had since
my my first divorce...and next honey moon :-)
I am so out of karma points now!!
But loving life anyway
Thank you again.

Love the website.. I read all the other Ashley Madison reviews and thought to leave mine as well... men need to remember only one thing.. we are all on the website looking for the same thing.. but do not forget to be courteous just like in normal dating... remember we are married but we still like to be trated like real women.. we need feel wanted..

Just thought to leave a quick reviews of Ashley Madison! I cannot say it was easy to find the perfect person or easy to meet.. it is no walk in the park.. but at the end Ashley Madison did work and I am glad I joined the website! I hooked up with 2 married women so far and my review is simple.. just keep trying and the affair will come..

Hi there people at Ashley Madison!

I would like to thank you. Yes, thank you so much for helping me find the most amazing guy I could have ever asked for. He is amazing, and if it were not for this site out paths would have never crossed.
Thanks again for making us, married people, feel alive again. I cannot believe some of the reviews!



i just wanted to give me thanks to the president and created of this site.I hope the other Ashley Madison reviews are as positive as mine. i heard him on the radio, and i am so grateful that there are some logical thinkers in this world. to understand how and why society is the way it is, and makes decisions based on "pop" opinion, and ignoring the fundamental nature of us as human beings by this man was astounding. i was having a similar convo with my gf the other day about this very thing. i am so proud of this site, and hope to see you guys have continued success. i completely agree with what you guys are offering and the logical ideals that us as a society...hell as a culture (american culture) should hope to one day realize and strive for.

I will be deleting my profile today. I have met a wonderful person and just wanted to drop you a note of THANKS Ashley Madison! Great reviews!

I saw the owner of your company on ABC Channel 7 "Nightline" on Thursday night He was superb! I applaud his efforts. I believe that marriage as we define it is simply outmoded, and has never served the basic human needs, and desires for love and sexual fulfillment

I think you guys should award me a month's worth of full membership!why because i get like 30-50 emails a day These men love me!Too I am too horny for them! lol Just for laught...
I love Ashley Madison! makes it true to say "Life is hort" Have an affair!!! I hope your reviews remain as positive as mine! I am having so much fun!

Hello, Okay, my profile and photos have been approved. Nice to hear. HOpe to see some nice women that possibly might want to meet me online or in person. Time will tell. Thank you. James

Nice site, well organized, i like that you accept payment through paypal. That adds much credibility to your service.

sorry, you have a great site. I have a change of heart. Will recomend to others

I just want to say that I think its great what you do. Just wanted to leave a quick review of Ashley Madison. I wish my wife would join your site so she could have an affair on me but I dont think it will happen. Thank you for the great service you provide.

Great commercial you got running right now with the beautiful wife married to that asshole husband. Rick.

thank you 4 being so helpful keep up the good work! thank you once again. Thank you so much Ashley Madison

I just wanted to say that I saw "The View" yesterday, and I wasn't impressed. I met the man of my dreams on Ashley Madison and we are still going strong after a year and a half. I don't think the website got a fair shake yesterday on The View and it's too bad that the hosts of the show and most of the audience, are so narrow-minded.