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Ashley Madison is the most famous website for married dating. Our success gives us a unique perspective on extramarital affairs and discreet encounters. The Ashley Madison Testimonials website is where our members will share that stories with you.

Our focus is you and your experience on Ashley Madison.

About Ashley Madison:

Ashley Madison is the online personals dating destination for secret romances, and the largest dating service of its kind with more than 13.5 million members. We cater to people who are single or in a committed relationship and are looking for discreet dating. Our goal is to keep our members from taking unnecessary risks and being subject to exposure while they explore the feelings that caused them to consider cheating or married dating.

Founded in 2002, Ashley Madison has been profitable since its inception and now has more than 11 million members in more than 15 countries. You can find more information about our company in the Ashley Madison press section.

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