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I just wanted to say that I saw “The View” yesterday, and I
wasn’t impressed, I thought why not send a quick Ashley Madison Testimonial.
I met the man of my dreams on Ashley Madison and we
are still going strong after a year and a half. I don’t think the
website got a fair shake yesterday on The View and it’s too bad that
the hosts of the show and most of the audience, are so

I just wanted to email you all and say how much I LOVE this
website. It’s incredible. I’ve met so many awesome men here……I
absolutely LOVE it!


i just heard the CEO interview on the stephanie miller show this
morning on AM1090 Seattle. i don’t use the site, i’m a married woman,
and i see no problem with the service ashley madison provides. i think
alot of the backlash has to do with people’s insecurity about being
cheated on. i thought the interview this morning was very good &
informative, and the CEO (i can’t remember his name?!) did an awesome
job at holding his own. it’s great that he’s putting himself out there
and giving interviews. after all, don’t people use the same argument
against homosexuality, as far as ruining the “sacred institution of
marriage” goes? maybe people should take responsibility for the issues
within their marriage, instead of blaming everyone else, like ashley
madison & homosexuality.

just wanted to let you know you have my support.


My profile has been updated and I am happy it was done.

I am also interested in joining to meet females in my area for a
discreet relationship or a relationship as described.

I love your site! I hope my review will help others
make an informed decision about the website
Tony – VA

I am canceling my profile to Ashley Madison because it has be

sucessful! I met a wonderful man 4 weeks ago that is the perfect lover.
I am thrilled! Thanks for your site and the help in meeting a great
guy. I felt safe, comfortable and discreet using your site and I would
recommend it to others. I hope this Ashley Madison review will be of help.
Brogan137128 – NV

I would like to send a thank you to the Ashley Madison Agency. I
have found several friends that have spiced up my marriage. I along
with my husband have enjoyed the encounters that have taken place and
feel at this time we are not in the hunt for play time friends. Once
again for the wonderful experience using your site..
2hot4xxxx – ON

I just want to thank you! If there is any way I could do a
testimonial I would love to, here is my Ashley Madison review…
I am a 33 yr old married man who just
got back from having the most mind blowing sex of my life with a 39 yr
old married woman. It was amazing and I never would have found her if
it wasn’t for you. We are already talking about getting a hotel room
next week so we can fuck for the entire day. Thank you again!

I cannot thank you enough for this service! This is a huge help
for me and I’m very appreciative. I’d ask for a t-shirt to buy, but I
guess that would kind of ruin the whole thing.

If you could come up with a AM stealth logo that would be cool. 

After this week (numerous contacts, one that I’m almost positive
will lead to sex) I’m one very satisfied customer. Yet again, I’d be a
spokesperson, but that would most likely make things not too good for

I love you, Ashley Madison!

I just had to write to tell you how happy I am with your service.
Within days of signing up I have found someone who has changed my whole
outlook on my future. I initially questioned the whole affair
guarantee, but it worked out for me in spades. The person I met is not
only a physical match but a mental match also. Contrary to what I
originally thought, your site may have actually saved my marriage, I
now have my cake and eat it too.


Hello there. Early on in my subscription I sent some rather
grumpy and dissatisfied emails indicating my unhappiness with ‘Ashley
Madison’. I had had some issues with another site, which was why I
signed up with you, and was generally, as far as adult sites were
concerned, on a pretty short fuse. However, since then, I’ve had
nothing but an entirely satisfactory experience here, and I wanted to
apologise. The site works smoothley, it’s easy to meet people, and your
support responses are timely, patient and helpful. So, thanks for a
great service.  Nick

Met the man of my dreams on your site back in 2009. We were both
‘stuck’ in miserable, neglectful marriages. We married July 10,
2010!!!! I just wanted to say that for as much flack as your site gets
from the media, it serves a wonderful purpose…and for some at least
an escape. I’ve always wanted to send a small note expressing my
appreciation, telling you how much your site has changed my life, but
most importantly introduced me to my sole mate. Cheers to you and
thanks from the bottom of my heart.


As unbelievable as this may sound I met the love of my life on Ashley Madison. We both thought we wanted a NSA affair, but after meeting the chemistry was instant and the sex was mind blowing….we soon realized we had fallen deeply in love with each other. Thank you AM without you we may have never met!


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